CGE contract

CGE, Chile’s most important electricity company, trusted us to provide support in all their operations since December 2017 until March 2018.

Conaf contract

In line with our company’s policies and our love for the environment, Conaf’s Environmental Audit Department has trusted us to fly over Chile’s central area and verify the compliance with environmental standards.

Philadelphia Training

Because of our deep commitment to safety, our pilots have assisted an emergency re-training in the AgustaWestland Factory in Philadelphia. The program offered rigorous high-standard classes and flight operations.

New Helicopter in our Fleet

Following the same line of aircraft we have been working with, we incorporated an Agusta A119 model to our fleet in 2017. Its VIP cabin can accommodate up to 7 passengers. This aircraft will help us meet the needs of our passengers and clients.

Flights in Los Lagos Region

Every year we fly one of our aircrafts across the wonderful Los Lagos region, the northern border of Chile’s Patagonia. We fly over different destinations in the area, as well as the Los Ríos and Araucanía regions.