The Best Technology

Advise and Traffic Control System

A Modern Air System which permits to identify nearby aircraft, avoiding an unexpected collision both in the air and on the ground and it works independently of the air traffic service on the ground.

TCAS goes for “Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System”; it warns the pilot the presence of an aircraft near his/her position. This system, similar to the one commercial airplanes of important airlines have, provides a greater safety to the flights of our passengers.


A lastest generation system with a Garmin 530 big display screen. It shows the global position anywhere in the world and with latitude and longitude data input it is possible to fly direct to the point passengers want to fly to in short time without overshooting.

It has full data of all domestic and international airports and their IFR approaches, as well as radio aids for navigation (VOR,ILS,.ADF), allowing to fly based on ground electrical references for full flight safety.


TWAS goes for “Terrain Awareness and Warning System” (TWAS).With this system, attached to the GPS, the aircraft has a proximity to terrain warning system which warns the pilot through different colours the nearness of hills, mountains or important level differences.

Flight Data and Electronic Control

Our Augusta model AW 119 MKII helicopter presents the latest software technology for flight data control and the electronic control of the engine and its ignition. They provide a greater safety to flight, which together with the caution and warning light system, and an intelligent system of the electronic unity, allows the pilot monitor all his aircraft and react promptly to cope with any failure minimizing the emergency risks.

Flight Stabilization System (Helipilot)

The supporting system to the flight control of the helicopter means less workload and fatigue to the pilot, for it works as an “automatic pilot”, keeping the flight steady, connected to the navigation computers concerning bearing and attitude, minimizing the effects of turbulence in flight.

Audio System

Passengers will be able to enjoy the technology of the prestigious BOSE brand in all phones on board, with external noise abatement, which through a gel system adapt to the user’s ears allowing to converse with the greatest fidelity and without disturbance.

Leather Seats, Air Conditioning or Heating

Our aircraft presents eight comfortable leather seats, which together with the air conditioning and heating permit to keep the temperature our passengers want, being able to overfly places with very low temperatures or others with high temperatures demanding lower environment temperature, providing greater comfort, making our flights more pleasant.