FIREFLY SpA is a modern air carrier to lease dedicated helicopter charter flights, passenger transport, aerial work, tourism and VIP flights.

This action is performed through a latest-generation helicopter, Agusta brand, model AW 119 MKII, for up to 7 passengers plus 1 or 2 pilots, as required, with technology and computer assistance in their systems. Greater autonomy allows him to fly for 5 hours, which together with its high speed of 300 Km / h, can fly nonstop for about 1000 Kms.

We have important strategic alliances with representatives of the brand Agusta Westland in Chile for permanent and specialized support our aircraft and also with the FBO Aerocardal.

Their pilots, crew and pit crew have been trained and qualified by training centers Agusta Westland and Pratt & Wittney in America, in the cities of Philadelphia and Dallas, with over 20 years experience in turbine helicopters, this providing a high level of safety and significant peace of mind when choosing the services of our company.

All this, makes Firefly SpA, a company of first class services geared to discerning customers who want good service on board without complications and the greatest pleasure, while meeting all your expectations are these private, business or pleasure.